Exiled-Heroes Studios, Tales Of The Forgotten Heroes- Fall Of The Roman Empire

Hey there! My name is Darkero and I’m looking to recruit a team for more than just a ordinary project. Since I’ve returned to UE4 from Unity 5 I have began the project. I’m looking to build a community up as we progress through Tales of The Forgotten Heroes.
About the game:
I will not reveal many story details, A young boy, sealed within the Temple Of Time has forgotten all his memory from the past. A young magician explains to him that hes awaited the day for the boy to awaken again to save Gaia. He follows the mysterious magician to a book forged by Queen Haruko to guide the young boy throughout his history so he can regain his power. Once he begins reading the book his memories and a partial amount of his power shall return with a cost. He shall not be allowed to return to reality without completing the request of the book. The young magician explains that dozens of pages have disappeared from the book over the thousands of years and to recover the pages he has to complete the challenges within each chapter. He enters the realm of the book as he travels to where his life all began. With the Roman Imperial Army.

We cannot post here anything more about the game so go to updating the information as I’ve just gotten the website), but we will supply interested candidates with additional information about the project.

General requirements:***
You need the following general requirements for all the positions to join our team

  • Passion for games and creating them
  • An insatiable thirst for knowledge
  • Having time to work on the project - at least 10 hours per week and time to chat via Skype/Teamspeak/Site
  • Long-term interest and availability
  • Ability to communicate in English

Talent Required:
Story Writer (1)

  • At least 1+ years writing scripts and storys.
  • Expected to know how to story board a script.
  • Ability to write simple quest story lines.

Concept Artist (2)
Expected to create decent looking landscapes.
Expected to create realistic looking NPCs and Monsters.

Blueprint Scriptor (2)

  • Knowledge of using external libraries to script.
  • Ideally 1+ years of scripting in Unreal Engine.

3D Artist (2)

  • Expected to create game props.
  • Ability to save as FBX models.
  • ZBrush or Maya preferred.
  • Ability to create a NPC, player, or mob is a bonus.

Landscape Designer / Level Designer (2)

  • Expected to create a good looking level.
  • At least 1 year experience.


  • We are looking for someone who will animate our main character and cutscenes
  • Ability to create animations for characters
  • Ability to create and maintain rigs will be a plus
  • Ability to create and manage Animation Montages and Blendspaces is not required but highly valued
  • Experience working with Animation Blueprints is not required but highly valued
  • Experience with creating cutscenes is highly valued

For more information and applications email us at

Good news can fill out applications on website.

Still recruting as we progress through! Check out my website for updates.

Hey, I’m 14 and can write very well, I’m relatively new to UE4 but learn quickly and am pretty good with Blueprinting.

My email is