execution pins

Hello community,
I am super new to this (blueprint scripting) so it might be funny to some of you, but can anyone explain, why and when the execution pins must be connected? Does this influence the sequence and are sequences, that are not connected with execution pins, retrieved as well?
Thanks for your help!

  • none of this will execute, LMB is is not connected to the Sequence, neither is Print String


  • below, even though the Sequence and Print String are connected, this will not execute as the LMB’s has yet to be hooked up to the Sequence


  • here, the LMB will trigger the Sequence which, in turn, will fire off its pins, starting from 0, and eventually printing all 3

The above will happen very quickly, in a single frame but the order is preserved

This may be relevant:

But do keep the questions coming.

If you need something executed, it must be connected; no connection = no execution.

They will not execute.

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