Execution Order


So, it seems like the Execution Order is AnimBP -> CharacterBP -> AnimGraph -> ActorComponents. Before, i have always considered the logical way as AnimBP/AnimGraph and CharacterBP/Components acting together(i.e. right after). Sometimes, there are changes i do in the CharacterBP and i need one of the Components to use these changes and outputs the result to the AnimGraph. For these cases, i have to use an extra boolean from the Component to wait for the next frame to initialize States in the AnimGraph. I was wondering, if there is a global complete list of Object Execution List for whole Engine and its classes. Or maybe you can share some testings about it, so we can make a list together.


Startup-Order is pretty tricky (Packaged / shipped-games vs PIE plus Multiplayer vs Single-Player add even more dimensions). To be safe its best to add Bools / Gates or IsValid checks, and if necessary add Delays if nothing else works. You can pull together info from threads like this… But there are many more…:wink: Search on keywords Startup Order and / or try a title search…

Thanks for sharing, that was what i was looking for.