Executing some 'Thing' in Edit Mode

First of all I am returning from Unity 5. Found some very unreliable issues when developing in there. So I am going to return to UE4 (tested heavily in v4.4).

One of the things I created in Unity is a Character Customizer that works in Editor Mode. C# Syntax => [ExecuteInEditMode]

I could change eyes, hair, skin, skin colors…etc from custom buttons in the inspector. This works but causes many crashing issues and this past weekend had corrupted two projects. The code worked MUCH better in v4.6 and now in v5.0 it is very buggy. So…now on to UE4

I did some searching on this…perhaps I have improper naming in my mind…but I have not found anything of the sort in UE4. So basically, does UE4 have a Blueprints or C++ that can be executed while not in play mode? It would also be nice to see FX play when placed…like Torches, Candles, Campfires…etc but not really required (these seem to be displayed by a lightbulb only in Edit Mode). The clothing meshes, hair, and such are already fitted to the character model. They are just called by script to remove what is there then add what is called…example… quf_tor001 (race torso model 1). Type 30 in a variable and the script builds quf_tor030 and the previous (mesh/BP) is removed and the new one is added/visualized.

I have an external excel table that shows and describes what each part is…so it speeds up character blueprint creation tremendously.

Is there such a feature in UE4 or does UE4 have the capability to Execute Script (BP or C++ either is fine) in Edit Mode?

Please be gentle…I am relatively new to UE4 still.


Construction Script. The tab should be up there next to your event graph tab when you create a new blueprint, and it is also at the top of your functions dropdown in the my blueprint tab that should be on the left.

Thank you for the reply.

I see that. Just watched the video about this (he is using lights for example)…very interesting. Lots of ideas.