Executing events when packaging the game

Hi everyone,

We are using an asset from the marketplace in our project that requires a public boolean on a Blueprint be toggled to true before packaging the game.

As our project is very large in size and requires a fair amount of preliminary work before commencing with packaging, we often forget to change this boolean in anticipation of a build. This, of course, is irritating after waiting in many cases 30+ minutes for the editor to finish packaging only to then have to restart. It would be good, therefore, to be able to automate this process.

I have set up a couple of in-editor scripted events before, but I was wondering if it is possible to execute a script the moment someone starts packaging the game.

To clarify:

  1. Someone in the team starts packaging a build
  2. Event is triggered
  3. Event searches for the required blueprint in the scene
  4. Event sets the boolean to true
  5. Package then starts as normal

Is this above scenario possible?

Still looking for an answer to this if possible.