Execute wires do not 'light up' during simulation

Inputs are being received and I have a debug filter selected, but during simulation the execute wires do not light up like I have seen in tutorial videos (wires glow and animate along flow of execution). Is there a way to enable this in case I have somehow disabled it?

I’ve found they only light on certain things, like level scripts & blueprints placed in the world, but not things like HUD classes. If you add a breakpoint, does it fire in the appropriate blueprint? If so, I think there’s nothing to worry about, and no setting I’m aware of to change it.

Do you have multiple instances of that blueprint actor placed in the world? You need to make sure you have the right one selected in the blueprint view in order to debug it - see the bit highlighted Debug Object near the top of this document: Blueprint Debugging Example | Unreal Engine Documentation

Hi, today I was having the same issue, I was unable to see execution flow. The thing is that if we open our Blueprint from content browser and hit play we will not see any execution flow. We need to close Blueprint, start the game and then we click on our Blueprint and then edit Blueprint. Now we can see execution flow and it’s correct instance to inspect. Hope this helps someone in 2022. :smiley:

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There is a dropdown box to select which instance to debug (it’s a bit broken in 4.27, sometimes you need to have the window open before you start debugging, or it won’t populate) … it may be behind an arrow, though, since the dropdown changes sizes with the text size of the object name… so it may not be immediately visible unless you have a really wide screen