Execute Console Command not working with DestroyWildDinos?

Hello guys!

Trying to use this into my GameMode with a switch authority and a delay… But dont find how to make it works.


Some ideas about it?

Try with admincheat

Tried, same result… :-/ Dont understand why :-/

you have to specify a player to call it

Get Owner Controller->Cast To ShooterPlayerController->Execute Console Command

@Lifefire Not from my experience. Only certain commands actually need a controller to run the command through, and those are largely the commands that affect ‘self’. Such commands include InfStats, GodMode, etc.

ACM, I’m pretty sure - it’s been about a week since I opened the DevKit, splits most of the generic commands to the server, where no controller is required, and those include the commands for destroying all structures and all wild and all tamed creatures.

Commands executed by the server do not need the ‘cheat’ prefix - this is why Single Player also does not need it.