Execute console command broadcast no more working?

Hello guys!

Had into my mod a “Execute Console Command” with command “broadcast blablabla”. Was well working untill some days.
Tried “Send Server Chat Message”, same result. No more working. All my mod is working well but not the broadcast (and I have some actions between the broadcasts which are well done… so the mod is really going into this code).

Am I the only one having trouble with my mod broadcast or anyone have too?

Do you know any other way to send message to players?


I think it’s “Send Server Message” or something, it’s the parallel to “Server Client Message” might be notification, not message. It’s the text that pops up at the top of the screen when you pickup, drop, eat, kill, etc

Well, forget, two days ago, my mod worked again for the “Execute Console Command”.

Maybe an Astral Bug?