Execute commands with mod

Hello, i want to create a mod for my server with assets etc … One function in my mod requiered a execution on the console but i have not idea to do that. It’s possible to execute a command with a mod ?
Thanks in advance

ARK Dev Kit v197 will support a “scriptcommand” that u can implement with string parameter in your custom GameMode. Also, to call a consolecommand in your Blueprint, you can simply use the “Console Command” blueprint action.

Thx for your help !

StudioWildCard were you lying, there is no scriptcommand only script function that doesn’t come close. Exec console command also doesn’t execute admin cheat commands in online game.

Yes it does, I use Execute Console Command a ****-tonne in my Admin UI mod.


So basically this command can be used for all the console functions ?

That’s what it’s for. It’s used primarily in ARK’s Admin Manager.