Execute a Movie pipeline from blueprints


I’m looking to add a level sequence to the movie render pipeline and execute it as an event. I’m able to see movie render pipeline blueprint nodes in the pallette but have had no success in setting this up from the level blueprint. I’m not even convinced I can do this through blueprints alone.

I understand this is a a beta feature, but was hoping to extract a series of JPG images at high quality from a sequence before modifying parameters and submitting again and repeat adfinitum.

I’ve also tried getting a result from the command line by copying and modifying the example instruction here ( https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Sequencer/Workflow/RenderAndExport/RenderingCmdLine/index.html ) but I get feedback that the command is not valid. Does something need installing prior?

I really need to get a good quality JPG sequence out of a sequence quite quickly but coming up against lots of walls. I have no C++ experience so have developed everything in the game through blueprints so far.

Can someone help?


If you mean the movie render queue, there is an example blueprint (editor utility widget) in the engine content named “MovieRenderPipelineExampleEditorWidget”.

Thanks Speido for commenting.

I’ve found the editor blueprint widget called “MovieRenderPipelineExampleEditorWidget” but haven’t had much success in using it. As an editor utility widget I am unable to call this from game blueprints running in the editor I presume.

Could you describe how I can get the “MovieRenderPipelineExampleEditorWidget” working. I’ve run the editor utility widget and docked the window, just don’t seem to have the ability to interact with it. I must be doing something wrong at a basic level. How do I incorporate this and add a sequence to the render pipeline without stopping the game whilst it is playing in the editor?


I’m confused about what you are trying to accomplish. You want to start the render queue while in play mode? That is not possible. You will notice when you hit play the “Render(local)” button in the Movie Render Queue greys out. If you want to simply enqueue sequences while in play mode you might be able to (ONLY possible with editor). Since these are editor utility functions, your blueprint must be either Editor Utility Widget or Editor Utility Blueprint.

I think you’ve confirmed that its not possible to utilise the render queue whilst in play mode.

I’d like to find a way that whilst in play mode, and whilst playing a sequence, that I am able to export that sequence as a JPG sequence. I am using a frame capture plugin to do this at the moment but it only allows avi file capture and is based on opencv screen capture which drops frames consistently and results in jerky playback.

I had hoped this might be possible by firing a console command as described in https://docs.unrealengine.com/en-US/Engine/Sequencer/Workflow/RenderAndExport/RenderingCmdLine/index.html but I have not been able to get this working as it does not recognise the commands even when adjusted in their example. I wonder whether this is fundamental, such as when in play mode, sequence capture via JPG is simply not possible.

In play mode, we take a JSON file dress a model, play a master sequence, wish to record that as a JPG sequence, then load a new JSON file with different parameters, dress the model, record a new JPG sequence and repeat .

Hope that clarifies and thanks again.

Ok, I just tested it, you actually can start a render queue in play mode. Create a new bluerpint, select Editor Utility Actor as base and drop it in your level. Now you can use all MovieRenderPipeline functions such as “Render Queue with executor” to start your rendering. Of course you need to first enqueue something. This however will take over your game and render so it will probably not be helpful in your use case. It is also completely independent of what is happening in game.

So, thanks for your help, its taken a while for me to get around to trying again.

I have created an editor utility actor class blueprint and inserted into the level. I can access the movierender pipeline nodes including allocating new jobs and setting configurations. What I am struggling to understand is how do I need to create separate blueprint classes for the the following:
Move pipeline queue subsystem object reference
Movie pipeline executor base class reference
Movie pipeline queue object reference

Without these classes created in my project this won;t work no?

What else do I need to do other than create the editor utility actor class?

Could you maybe show me your test project?

Thanks your help is much appreciated.


Hey guys, do you have more detailed steps of rendering a sequence using movie render queue from the blueprint? I successfully insert “render queue with executor” node in BP, but I can’t use it properly, and I can’t see where I can modify the config. Thanks!

you can load a predefined config using SetConfiguration, which I think is best. Otherwise you’ll have to go through FindOrAddSettingByClass. You probably looked at this tutorial, right? Using Movie Render Queue in Runtime Builds | Unreal Engine Documentation