Executable completely black with UE4 default project? Why?

Hello friends,

I’m trying to create a .exe file, because I want to share my project.
For simplicity, I just create an new project:

FILE -> NEW PROJECT -> BLANK -> without start Content

Ok, just a default Sky, plane, direct light, and a player start


FILE -> PACKAGE PROJECT -> Windows -> Windows 32

Then… I try to run the MyProject.exe

But the new windows is black! And, also, frozen…

So, I open a new UE4 default scene** (Minimal_Default)** . I did the same, but, this time, I’m able to create the .exe correctly. It works outside the UE4 editor.

Where is my error? Some suggestion?


Ok, I change “Game Default Map” and “Editor Startup Map” to my map (and not the default map) . Now it works =) Happy!