exec wire "fade out" time issue


The wires of my exec path have no fade out time anymore, which means I cannot see the exec path unless there is a repetitive event, loop, timeline, etc.
Either they instantly switch back to their original state, or it’s so fast that with a single event the wire doesn’t even change its state, as of nothing happened.

This is very crippling when debugging. I’m almost 100% sure it wasn’t the case before. And anyway the manual says the exec path produces a visual indicator and fades out.

I went through the parameters but couldn’t find the right place to change this.

NB this is not a debug filter issue : any part of the exec path with a fast repetitive section still “lights up”.

How can I reset this ?
Am I missing something ?

thanks in advance !

any idea ?

the only way I can have my exec path to “light up” is to add a delay in the exec path (which screws up everything when doing real time stuff)
but i’m 100% sure the exec goes through since I can verify it with prints or break points

I can’t find any reference to this anywhere, searching the whole internet gives nothing