.EXE Licensing

Hey everybody,

I am looking into licensing my EXE application made with Unreal and I see so many options out there.

Anybody has a positive experience with one of the licensing software to recommend?

I know eleckey but that only works on the EXE itself and doesn’t protect the rest of the files.
Then I found lots of others like LimeM, soraco, 10duke and more…pricing is really all over the place so I wonder if anybody has some insights about this.

Thanks in advance


What do you mean? Do you mean code signing? With a signing certificate you can sign your .exe so that when users run it it will tell Windows what publisher it is from and that it is trusted, is that what you’re looking for?


I mean to actually create a license system,
So the .EXE is secured and only able to run if you purchase a license key.

The services I mentioned before are some who offer that.

Since Unreal doesn’t come with a ability like that naturally, the only way is to use some service which wraps the .exe file with a protection system, that you can activate online etc

Hello, you should check us out. We provide a Software Licensing API that you can connect to either by using our C++ SDK, or our UE plugin.