Exclusive works. Only one sale.

Make an exclusive category on the Marketplace. In this category there will be works that can be sold only once. The price for them will be very high. But after the sale, the work is completely removed, forever. All rights to the asset are transferred to the buyer. Is it possible to organize this?
I was browsing the Internet, but nowhere is there anything like it.
Sincerely, Dan and google translator :slight_smile:

​Its an interesting idea, especially for one-off high-end characters / music compositions. But is it likely to happen? The wheel turns slowly when it comes to the Marketplace.:stuck_out_tongue: Epic seem too pre-occupied with other things. Plus it would probably be too messy…

What happens if the product is purchased by a firm that later goes bankrupt (assets rolled up and sold on). Could a one-off marketplace pack be used again in another product in that scenario? And what happens when team members on a shared project leave. The rules were changed, but what are they now exactly?

Personally I had hoped the marketplace would become more and expand into other areas. But that seems like parallel universe / wishful thinking, when you compare the revenue Epic get from F’nite, as everything else just fades into irrelevancy. That’s why Epic can simply afford to give away marketplace packs for free. :wink:

But if the marketplace ever becomes more, one-off sales would be interesting to see. And going beyond that… What if it was possible to just buy ‘creator time’… :wink: … Purchase 5 / 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 hours of consulting time from the very best devs (3D art / coding skills), all backed up by an Epic quality check, knowing you’re not going to get screwed over like here.

In addition, what if Epic sold or offered one-off prizes related to MP purchases, such as 100 hours of consulting time to launch a game (free marketing on EGS or other Epic channels).:cool: (To avoid the usual pitfalls of launch-fail / non-discovery). It may happen as EGS evolves.