Excluding base class when using "TSubClassOf" on custom UFUNCTION

I have a UFUNCTION that finds the first component subclass of an ActorComponent of an actor

static UActorComponent* GetFirstComponentByClass(AActor* Actor, TSubclassOf<UActorComponent> ComponentClass);

When using this node, in the “ComponentClass” dropdown menu I can choose the “ActorComponent” class, but it’s obviously too much generic; since I can’t mark the UActorComponent class as abstract, is there some other way to exclude the “ActorComponent” base class from the menu?

Thanks in advance

Hey there, do you want to be able to select all of the childs of Actor Component or just a specific piece of the hierarchy? If that’s the case you can set the TSubclass Of with whatever point in the hierarchy.

My aim is to select all of the children of Actor Component

Then i believe there is not other way if you want to use TSubclassOf, at least that i know of.