Exclude one client from Multicast?

Is it possible to exclude one client from a multicast event for stuff that is not relevant cheating wise? Actually I would replicate some cosmetic stuff to all other clients but start the animation or play some sound on the client itself as fast as possible. I do this without waiting for some multicast event from the server - because there is no requirement that the server verifies this. Like you would expect an animation feels with predicted movement that actually creates something that’s done (now) in the future from the sight of the server on the controlling client. But in this case even without requirement for correction of prediction. It had just to be done sometimes and once at all clients - and prefered as fast as possible to give the player a fast responding feeling gameplay wise. I could do this (start it now on the executing client) and still use Multicast but this would cause some unnesessary overhead in that case (or worse if I have to avoid to trigger a further start of the already started animation or playing sound on the owning client that did this already without waiting for the server).