Exclude Engine Content From Packaging for android, 4.27

I have added blacklist-development.txt to project–build–android. But engine content is not excluded. I have read docs and I did exactly as mentioned in Docs. MY game size is 4mb and engine content is 99mb. I want to exclude engine content from my android package. I have attached image to show you what I did. Iam in development phase at the moment. Kindly guide me how to exclude engine content?

a little old but on the principle still relevant)

i have tried all this but this method ot excluding anything from the build

I think iam loosing my hope with unreal engine for mobiles package size issue

here is my clear build size

but people say you can do even less))until I don’t know how :slight_smile:

re-read this blog) it describes how to unpack your project and see what is packed in the middle… this size 39mb I reached thanks to him… without obb 35mb apk.(arm64). I do not think it is possible be reduced size apk in the current version of the engine)) but try

blacklist-development.txt has actually been deprecated from ue v4.25 or so.

The blacklist txt file method has been replaced by DefaultPakFileRules.ini

Directions on how to set this up in the following post: