Exchanging items when crafted

Hello, I wanted to ask (if possible of course) how could I changed crafted item to another right after being crafted, for example:
I put an item into campfire / cooking pot / industrial cooker… and I have them to “cook” to a Placeholder item which I want to instantly get replaced for the desired item.

I tried to set the spoil time of the placeholder item to 0.1 and then spoiling to the item needed but this method sometime takes too long and crafts 1 - 5 of the placeholder items before spoiling them…

Any help is much appreciated.

EDIT: Solved the issue by rather than making it a placeholder item, I just set the parent to the desired item.

Another way to do this - I might say the way it is intended to be done - is to use the way the dung beetle works. I believe the settings are called “Crafting don’t actually give item” and “Additional crafting results” or something of the like, you can look it up when checking references to fertilizer.