Exceedingly Slow Downloads?

So as to not necro posts from 2 years ago, I thought I would create a new thread about this issue.
It seems to me that the Download for the ARK Dev Kit is far slower than it should be, and is from what I can tell, throttled to a bear drip. I have had 1.2 - 3mb/s Download for the better part of 7.5 hours now, at a whopping 60% Completion. Look, I fully understand the reasons why content is throttled, but I honestly feel like this is utterly insane. I had hoped that I would actually get to dig into this thing sometime today.

Take the ball gag out of her mouth, and let her breathe a bit?

This dev kit is utterly huge. I have downloaded and installed network monitoring software from IBM (Tivoli/Netcool) and had it installed and running inside the time this thing is still downloading.