Excavator Simulator

Just a quick game I’m developing on my spare time for tablets and PC (leapmotion app store)

Im not planning to add a voxel terrain yet, but definitely is something that im gonna look into in the future.

Looking forward for any constructive feedback :slight_smile:

Looking cool so far! I like how the boom behaves. How are you planning to handle the tracks?

I’d be more interesting in knowing how he plans to handle the excavating :wink:

I played an excavator simulator, (a real simulator in an expo, with joysticks and a chair that moves) and they had a hole in the ground with physical rocks, so the objective was to carry as many rocks as you can and leave them on the near container

I would be satisfied with just carrying physics rocks around. :stuck_out_tongue:

The tracks are not so detailed tho, so just gonna add UV tiling per side, once i get the custom VehicleMovement class done.

In a tablet game i was making (with my own engine) i made a simple terrain deformation, i might look into the UE4 terrain but what i’ve gather around seems not to be editable once it gets baked. And the voxel terrain, i dont know how would i make the physics without the excavator flying to the moon (physics glitch).

So right now im just focusing on the excavator itself, i had success using the APEX destruction meshes so i might go that way first, at least it looks cool.

Try adding in a movable skylight to lighten up those dark areas a little.

i drive an excavator as my day job. one thing to watch out for is that the novelty of driving an excavator wears off really fast. you’d need to add tasks into the simulation to keep it interesting.

One year later, i took this project into a completly new concept, here it is :smiley:

Hi KukoBar

I am working on Excavator and managed to get the Boom, Arm and Bucket work, but still not able to get the piston work as I wanted.
I am using blue prints for all, no skeletal mesh or animations used. I want to use only BluePrints. Please help, if you have any tutorials or any suggestions?