Examples of decent MOBILE games made by UE4?


I am looking for a game engine for mobile/tablet game development as unity I can’t afford anymore. However, reading through the android/ios forums here, it easy to see that Unreal is still not able to handle anything more complicated than a simple tappy bird game. People have optimized and are still having problems all over the forums. Only very very basic mobile game dev have been successful with unreal. I am grateful for an open source engine like UE4 but I would like to know whether I can make 3D mobile games using Unreal which is animation-heavy. Basically, I would like to see examples of games that have been made with UE4 as I couldnt find any on unreal mobile showcase. Not any from this year anyway.

Unreal 4 may be ready for mobile a few months down the line but for now its not on the same level as unity from what I can see. Am I right or did I miss something ?

i have a good example but its from UDK or ue3 which is the injustice game on android and i belive ios as well. It works fab and without issues. If that game was to be made with UE4 i woudnt see any issues porting it, it will look better as well. I think animation wise theres more control in UE4 then in unity. The engine is still very new but i think you should give ue4 a shot :slight_smile:

thx mate. Can you point me to examples of games so I can see what has been achieved with unreal and what hasnt. So far I can only see flappy bird type simple games.

You can find many mobile indie games in this section: Otherwise take a look at the ones from the UE3 -> :slight_smile:

An example is infinity blade which was made with the UE3:

I have the same issue with you. Have you found it ?