Example Project: blueprintable component that manages lights

Blueprintable components are great (i wish i knew earlier about them), so I decided to make very simple project that shows how to use them.

This video (made by epic) shows what they can do: Using BP Components for Game Behaviour | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube
And it is what inspired me to dig into components. There were many comments asking for that example from video, so I made most basic version of such component.

My project uses dispatchers to communicate. If you want to see basic dispatcher example, or most basic component with communication. Or you need to manage some lights in easy way, this project is something you want to see.

You simply drop BAC_LightManager onto some light (or blueprint with light), select which group it belongs to, and that is it.
Then you need to call dispatcher and set colors (and bit more ) for that group of lights.
Dispatcher is created in character blueprint, uses 2 keyboard events.

Link to project:

Dispatcher is called by pressing 1 or 2. There is custom blueprint that uses component (2 wall sections with lights) and 2 lights that have components attached to them (yes lights do not need to be in any blueprint to be managed).

Making a note to check on this later on.

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