Example project and plugin for mod support

In 2017, we released Robo Recall with support for user-created mods via a custom UE4 editor. With the project source code available, the Robo Recall Mod Kit served as a reference point for adding mod support to Unreal Engine games and for adding editor extensions to Unreal-powered mod kits. Since then, we’ve seen numerous games ship with support for user-generated content (UGC) and custom editors to bring the power of Unreal to passionate creators. Today, we’ve released a light-weight abstraction of many UGC features built for Robo Recall and the Robo Recall Mod Kit as a plugin, as well as an example project to show how it all works in the latest version of Unreal Engine.

The UGC Example project includes the SimpleUGC plugin and scripts that add editor extensions for creating and packaging UGC, helper functions for finding and using newly found content, custom Components to facilitate Actor replacement at runtime, and more.

You can find it as part of the official Epic Games GitHub organization along with documentation to help get you moving (GitHub login and EpicID association required). Grab the project and a source build of Unreal Engine 4.25.1 or greater and start making moddable games today.

And make sure to check out the Inside Unreal Episode Adding Mod Support with the Simple UGC Plugin:

:smiley: thankyou!

I’m getting a 404 for the GitHub link - has it been moved?

I’m very much hoping it’s still available, as I’m actually looking for advice and to hire a developer with experience working with the SimpleUGC project.

Please see here for details:

I’ve associated my Epic ID and GitHub account, but am unable to access the GitHub page - am getting a 404?

I’m very much hoping the project is still live, as I am actually looking for a developer to advise and implement a project based on the SimpleUGC project.

Please see here for details if of interest:

This plugin is so amazing, and has so much potential - thank-you for releasing it, but to be honest, I am struggling to put it to practical use out of the box.

After playing with SimpleUGC for a good week or so, it appears that the Asset Registry that the main project dumps from cooking and that the mods use for packaging, need to exactly match the live game build - meaning that any mod created on the SDK branch is rendered unable to be used in the main game if the live shipping build is updated even once outside of the SDK. This would mean that you need some sort of workflow that not only packages out the game build when deployed, but includes a build for the SDK at the same time, each time you release an update to the public.

This to me seems impossible to use in a shipping build as it currently stands, since an SDK branch needs to be a stripped down version of the main project as to lock certain files away from the modder - a small development team can’t be expected to dedicate resources to solely retifying the SDK branch each release, that seems like a full-time job at the very least.

I assume there is a reason for this, such as incompatibility between built versions, and is probably unavoidable. However it seems to me that this tool is missing an important accompanying tool that assists in either locking up BPs with dlls, or strips the project down to required dependencies and nothing else, for export to an SDK branch. I am not entirely sure of the solution, but I am slowly coming to the conclusion that this plugin isn’t quite ready for shipping consumption in its current state.

I must thank-you again for this tool though, I have learned so much from using it as intended and is so **** awesome. I want to see this concept thrive!