Example map loads with errors

I personally haven’t modified the example map, but I have made a copy to use as a testing ground for new items and assets and ever since doing so, my copy of the UT editor example map loads and an error dialog pops up showing the following errors:

Info Failed to load /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/PSM_AnnouncerMix.PSM_AnnouncerMix Referenced by Announcer_Mix

Error Failed import for SoundMix /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer_Mix.Announcer_Mix [redirection] in /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer

Error /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/PSM_AnnouncerMix

Error /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/Announcer_Mix : Can’t find file for asset. /Game/RestrictedAssets/Audio/SoundClassesAndMixes/PSM_AnnouncerMix

Hi StormyFacade,

I attempted this on my end and was able to reproduce this without duplicating any maps. I entered a bug report, UT-969 to be assessed by the development staff.