Example Map Load fails - 4.4.3 built from source


I built UE4 from source using the 4.5 branch, but had to roll it back to 4.4. Now when creating a new project from the Project Browser, I get this error:

Failed to load map!
…/…/…/…/…/…/Unreal Projects/MyProject2/Content/Maps/Example_Map.umap is a UE4 map [File:v397], from an engine release newer than this [Cur:v385].

Are the example maps that ship in the dependencies for 4.5 versions created with that version and will I need to download the 4.4 dependencies to get the right template files?

Is there something left over from the rollback that’s setting the map version number to align with 4.5 instead of 4.4?


Update: Yes, if you roll back to an earlier branch, you will need to install the files from the corresponding Templates directory from the dependency zipfiles or you will not be able to create new projects and run them in the rolled back version.