Example Content Specific Tutorials (Explain to us how you created it)

Example Content Specific Tutorials (Explain to us how you created it)

The example content that Epic has provided is amazing, but many times it can be difficult to understand what has been created when you are just stating out in particular areas.

I’m sure you have heard that you have to learn how to crawl before you can walk, well in some of these examples it feels like we are being shown how to sprint (or fly for that matter) with no understanding on how we can crawl, walk then sprint with the big boys.

Specific tutorials for how the example content was created would be most helpful.

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Hi, wanted to second Nick’s request for a more in-depth video series on the making of the tutorial games.

Preferably, one that shows how to reverse engineer a tutorial game and rebuild it in a new project from scratch. This would be a good starting point to then do the same for other example games without necessarily requiring a new tutorial video series.

I agree. I especially would like to know how to build a First person shooter Single Player version (with a weapon inventory) from the Shooter example (which has Multiplayer settings and seems like you can only have one weapon at a time).

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For tutorials, have you checked out the writtenFirst Person Shooter tutorial, which walks you from a blank project all the way to creating the First Person C++ template? There’s also a new video series that takes you from a blank project to a basic third person game (and then keeps going!) all in Blueprints. These aren’t necessarily built with reverse engineering in mind, but we’ve definitely tried to give lots of information about why certain things were done the way they are. We really want to give you the building blocks so you can set off and make awesome games - thanks for letting us know how it is working for you! :slight_smile:

@ Lauren - Yes I have and that series is amazing. So that series is exactly what I am talking about, it fully explains that example piece that was put out.

So image that kind of break down for many of the other examples that have been put out.

In my mind what is going on is something like this, a master painter is being kind enough for the art world to inspect his latest masterpieces with a special magnifying glass that helps give the art community greater insight on how he/she creates their work. Although this is an amazing step forward for the community, I feel that only a small percentage of artist will be able to accurately break down the work that has been done, just because they are not at the level of expertise that is needed to fully understand what it is that they are looking at.

The scenario I described above works just fine if the artist is putting this work out for free for everyone to observe in this way, but…as soon as you are paying to look at the work from the artist, I think you immediately get a different expectation for the amount of insight that you can gain from said artist. I think you start to expect to understand their entire thought process through the entire creation, not just access to the final product.

That being said, I think Epic is doing an amazing job being open, transparent and very generous to their community, but until there is a full knowledge base of material on how to use this engine like there was for UE4 I think people will be pushing for better content to help explain to them on how to use this amazing engine.

I would like to echo what gamer3000 said in regards to seeing a full game examples that are shown. A game that has a working character of some sort that interacts with at least one enemy, there should be items/pick ups, an inventory system and a working hud system.

These small examples that we are being given, although amazing, still in many cases need a little bit more to be considered examples of a “game”

Thanks again for the consideration!

I am working with Blueprints, so I don’t know if the C++ template would work for me…

The 3rd person template is great, but different than First Person…

I have a post here that is more specific on a tutorial series

Thanks though for everything you have put out there so far :slight_smile:

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