Example Content for import


I know the market place is slowing getting populated, but I was wondering is there other places I can can get content like cars, furniture, etc from for testing purposes…

Welcome in the community! :smiley:

Here you can find more content:

But keep in mind that it is not “engine ready” -> e.g missing lightmap, too high poly,…

Hi TBates03,

This thread from the General Discussion section may be of interest to you: https://forums.unrealengine/showthread.php?31075-3D-model-search-engine

There is a 3d model search engine that has been created that will search and display the 3d models in your browser. When you want to download it will link you to the individual sites, but keep in mind that there may be restrictions such as how the model is used along with needing log in credentials for specific sites.

Thanks this is just what I was looking for. now the only issue is the file types, is there a common converter for Unreal4 or do i need to purchase the software that the files were created in to convert them to a compatible file type for Unreal4?

In most cases you’ll need to use the original program to convert. However, if the file is Obj or FBX you shouldn’t have a problem using those and also importing those into most other programs.

At the bottom of the link above the search creator said they have implemented a feature to search by type now. For Example, if you want a blender file type in “extension:blend and [name for search]”

But I would always open it in a 3d program before you import it, so that you can check if everything is ready for the engine -> lightmap, tri count, textures, parts,…
With programs like 3ds , maya, blender,… you can nearly open every type of file -> otherwise there are always plugins available :slight_smile:

cool, thanks I was already using blender but didn’t see a export file type, but now that you state Obj, or FBX might work I will try that… thanks again…

Use fbx, because atm you are pretty limited with obj files :slight_smile:

"The file format is very simple so keep in mind that it does not support the following features:

  • Vertex color importing.
  • Collision importing.
  • Tangent and binormal importing.
  • Transforms.
  • The model will be rotated if not modeled with Z up because with OBJ importing we have no way of getting the source coordinate system. "

When you have problems during the export/import process, just post it into the forum and we will help you :wink: