Example blueprint to override/extend default UTBot

I would like to use the default UT4 bots AI as a base and override or extend certain UTBot(or related AI files) functions and am looking for a starter example of this using blueprints. There are many good examples of setting up an AI from scratch using blueprints, but to repeat I would prefer to extend and override from the ongoing developed UT4 bots and related functions using blueprints.

I’m trying to do this from the ‘tournament’ editor but do not see AI Spawn functions listed with the ‘engine’ editor that are mentioned in the examples where AI is setup from scratch. I’ve tried placing/spawning the bot from the ‘Bot_01’ tutorials folder in a level with a navmesh, but the bot doesn’t do anything. Not sure if I should be doing this from the ‘engine’ editor instead or what the potential workflow might be in downloading latest UTBot related changes from github in combination with my own blueprint prototyping. Not sure if this(overriding and extending from the base UTBot related files) is possible using blueprints or if I should be looking for a purely C++ code approach.

Feel like this should be possible to do, but thinking I’ve got some wrong concepts about the availability of functions depending on which editor is used (engine vs tournament) or the manner in which blueprints interact with code held public/private folders or some other default restrictions on code/function availability that might need changing to be picked up by the editor or blueprints.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!