ex-Unity needs explanations about Modes panel and Content Browser [solved]

Hi there. I’m trying to wrap my head around the interface of Unreal Editor but I just can’t put my finger on it.
In Unity you had the **Project **window. In Unreal there’s Modes panel and Content Browser.
I watched tutorials, I’ve read documentation etc. but it’s still fuzzy. Here’s what I got:
Modes - I can drag things from there into scene. But again, I can do the same thing from Content Browser. Additionally in the latter I can create classes. To add to the confusion, both have actors, pawns etc.
What is the relation between them? Not so much in terms of use cases but especially in terms of their interdependece (and differences). Generally in terms of C++ I can’t tell in a project which ones are base classes, which are derived classes and which are objects of them.
Unfortunately for them, Unity lacks this inheritance structure but I want to make use of it in Unreal.
Thanks in advance.

Have you read this? Unreal Engine 4 For Unity Developers | Unreal Engine Documentation

Modes store different toolsets - like painting, landscape, placing new contrent. You can create more modes or obtain more from plugins.

The Content Browser is for looking at the contents of the projects Content directory.

I think the source of you confusion is that you can drag content into the scene using the place tool or the content browser.

Place Mode is a specialized tool for speeding up and simplifying environment creation in Unreal Engine 4. Similar in nature to the Content Browser, the Place Mode focuses only on those assets that can be directly placed within your level (i.e. Actors). While active, this browser gives you immediate access to all placeable objects that exist within your project, without having to navigate to specific project folders as you would with the Content Browser.”

from Select Mode | Unreal Engine Documentation

Thank you guys.
@jonimake that is the very first thing I’ve read after I decided to use Unreal. About the Modes > Place it only says you can place actors into the world by dragging.
@OptimisticMonkey although I’ve been learning for more than 2 weeks I haven’t read that -.- It makes sense now, Modes > Place is kinda streamlined version of the Content Browser with a few extra tricks.

@OptimisticMonkey so the Place Mode is merely a shortcut for Content Browser?