Evolution of Warfare

So, I am currently working on a mod that I call the Evolution of Warfare.

Essentially this is a rework of how the game progresses based on real life inventions, metals, technologies and etc. (Assuming dinosaurs were around of course) There will be multiple different “classes”, rather than having a weird kind of undefined engram tree.

In the beginning there will be just man (knowing all the engrams of basic primal man)
After that there is (farming|construction|religious|Metal Worker|Tailor) these will further divide as technology improves, simulating specialization. Though there will be enough engrams to keep it so you don’t have to specialize too far.

I’ve added in multiple types of metal so far. Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel, Osmium and Tungsten. (with plans for Titanium, Iridium, Aluminum and multiple futuristic alloys)

Copper Armor: Screenshot - 87af983106784c1b163df9d567c7e16c - Gyazo
Bronze Armor: Screenshot - 3c3e807ceeffc40d24090924dfc45ce8 - Gyazo
Iron Armor: Screenshot - 330180de9192f5fc94b107a357476b7e - Gyazo
Steel Armor: Screenshot - d0690f06b640dd271dc56c48b57cef52 - Gyazo
Osmium Armor: Screenshot - c8eb7e739153317defb5d3c29e67a1f2 - Gyazo
Tungsten Armor: Screenshot - c9a1484e51bc3fc7890ac13456c92680 - Gyazo

Copper items are able to be crafted in inventory with a high crafting time.
Bronze is a combination of copper and tin in a campfire.
Iron is cooked in a primitive furnace. (fuel: thatch, wood, sparkpowder)
Steel and Osmium in a medieval furnace. (fuel: coal, charcoal)
Tungsten, Titanium, Iridium and aluminum in a industrial furnace. (Fuel: Gasoline)
Then alloys in other things.

I have plans to implement a new tier of weaponry as well, revolutionary age weapons. (I have already created a musket that takes around 8-10 seconds to reload and isn’t very accurate)

Other trees will include:

Food Stuff:
Able to get more prime or better cuts of meat.

Able to make better fertilizer or increased plots, etc.

Able to make better buffed food.

Leatherworking Tier:
Able to make soft or hard leather. Etc.

Able to make better saddles (maybe a saddle with legstraps to keep from being lifted off?)
Potion maker:
Able to make things that will buff or debuff things, perhaps poisoned weapons etc.

Apply a random (primitive/ramshackle/apprentice) to a weapon/tool/armor at some sort of alter in exchange for gold?

Able to make better bows

Make building type stuff… etc

What I need:
Overall I am going to need someone who can create models of different types of weapons (maybe models of swords or simple things)
A custom map or edited version of the island: Need new ores or new places for old ores on the current map.