Evolution of Civilization Project

Hey guys, I am looking for some new people to work on my Evolution of Civilization project! This mod is going to incorporate historically accurate technology for a realistic feel to the game (if dinosaurs still existed of course!). For example: level 1-10 is primitive era, 11-20 is 3500 BC Civs, 21-30 is 2500 BC Civs.

Link to see what exactly I mean: Evolution of Civilization - Google Sheets

I know it seems crazy ambitious, and it probably is. But I’ve already made tons of progress. How it works: You select a civilization once you advance beyond the primitive era (through the engram system). Then you unlock all of that civilizations technology instantly for that era. Once you are ready to advance to the next era you get to choose whether you want to change civs (to a civ historically linked somehow to it). Then, eventually I hope to add in professions and what not.

I plan to add all kinds of new cool stuff to the game!
Current members of the project:

Project Leader: Me
Advertisement: Me (Channel: )
Blueprinting: Me
More Blueprinting: NEEDED
3D Models: EyanM
Texturing 3D Models: Mezdonian
Map Making: NEEDED
Animation: NEEDED

Thanks for your interest guys.