Evil Mind Marketplace Audio Stuff (Music + Ambience + SFX)

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Horror Audio Bundle
If your game is a frightening adventure with quests and puzzles, a terrifying story full of “nearly die!” moments, or an overwhelming horror experience, this bundle will boost the immersion of the project with a very dark creative touch.


Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle:
If your game is an old style RPG with dragons, elves, swords and magic, or a fantastic adventure, or even a realistic Medieval game, this pack will be the perfect audio companion during your epic quest.


Space Audio Bundle:
If your game is an old style shoot ‘em up where the last stand faces an alien invasion or, on the other hand, it is a realistic intergalactic adventure, this pack will be the perfect audio companion when travelling through hyperspace.


Asian Audio Bundle:
From Mahjong to a Kung-Fu fighting arcade, from a fruit-smasher to a bloody ninja revenge, this pack will perfectly boost your Asian game up!!


Puzzle Audio Bundle:
If your game is a classic jewels matching game, a physics puzzle, the last quiz contest or, in the other hand, a hidden objects graphic adventure, this pack will be perfect for your project.


Super Retro Audio Bundle:
If your game is a legendary quest, a great platformer, or a beat’em up masterpiece, this pack will be perfectly useful. This pack is unique!! It contains two different versions of the music loops, 80s and 90s. Both styles evoke the style, technique and sound of those years with an updated finishing touch. It also contains something difficult to find: old school ambiance loops!