Everytime I start visual studio the source code

Instead of just having the project on the side, it has an engine folder and eerything how do i make it not have all that. I tried to install the source then decided i dont want to use the source code. so how do i stop it form opening every new file i create with the engine ****>?

please anyone

I solved this by just deleting the files in the UnrealEngine…\4.x folder that comes with the source.
And reinstalled the version i added full source to.

Files are stile there but i only get the single project again.
May not be the best way, but its what i did.

Can’t you just switch your project(s) to the binary release of the engine? The binary release generates VS solutions without the UE4 source. To switch between the source and binary engine just right-click on a .uproject and select “Switch Unreal Engine version…” from the context menu.