Everything is so slow I can!!! Is my computer really that bad?

I have a MacBook Pro (13-inch, Late 2011) version 10.10.1. Using UE 4.7.1, when I test a game, I literally get about 1 frame per 6 seconds WITH the lowest quality! It is impossible to demo the games! I’ve looked around inside UE; nothing is slow except for the viewport. What is going on? Is there something I can do about it?

The gpu from the macboo isnt so good, but probably you can find some useful information in those threads :slight_smile:

Yes, generally laptops just are not fast enough to run something like UE4 at a decent frame rate. Unless it’s a high-end laptop or one that is aimed for gaming, you probably won’t have a good experience.

Unfortunately your Macbook Pro uses the Intel HD 3000 GPU which has a known, unresolved, OpenGL driver bug under OS X that prevents UE4 from running at acceptable frame rates.

To boost your computer speed just follow these simple tweaks.

  1. Empty your recycle bin regularly
  2. Defragment your disk drive in a month or so
  3. Keep unwanted services removed from your mac
  4. Turn off visual effects.
  5. Update your mac OS to the latest

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