Everything has disappeared. Extreme bug, total destruction

The problem exists in 1 specific project, on all maps. All objects are present in world outliner, and in content browser they appear normally. But are not visible in viewport/game/ anywhere. If I now add cubes or point lights they are not visible as well, they are not even visible when selected in outliter. Everything is absolutely black (or in other color depending on the level’s sky color). That happened after a crash.
The character is able to walk in the darkness(I mean char is not visible, nothing is visible, everything is dark, except widgets, widgets appear on entering their triggers in the level)

This is what I see instead of a map

What happens when you play?
Have you try cleaning the project (delete then Binaries, DerivedDataCache, Intermediate and Saved folders) ?
Is the snapping tool set for an extremely large value?

Nothing is visible on play, but when I move to some trigger I can see widget texts
Deleted intermediate and saved folders, will try other folders as well
I don’t know about snapping - never used it and could not find in project settings. Is there any other name? If near clip plane, it is zero

default is set to 10, might be that a setting of zero is messing it up?

If it’s not camera clipping plane, check if it’s this.