Everything has a hole after using modelling Polydeform to make a hole in 1 object


After I used the modelling plugin and made a hole in a object by using the Polydeform it created holes in all my objects with cubes and spheres.

Any fixes?

From what I have gathered from your question, you may have accidentally edited an engine static mesh. Would you mind specifying which object you made a hole into?

If it was an engine static mesh (a static mesh found in your Engine folder), you may be able to rectify the concern by verifying the engine. You can perform this by going into your Launcher, clicking the drop down arrow next to Launch and selecting verify.


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Its every static mesh or object thats made out of spheres or cubes. The cubes have a hole from the bottem but normal on other 3 sides. The sphere has a hole through the middle.

The object I put a hole in at first was a sphere.

I’ll try this solution tomorrow morning, thanks for responding.

Verifying fixed everything! Thank you so much!

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