Everything broke in the unreal editor

Hi all. Material editor windows, blueprint editor windows, mesh editor windows open empty. The content browser opens empty. The camera in the viewport does not move to the left and right when the right mouse button is pressed. If you correct the Saved\Config\Windows\EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini file, specifying the following there:


`ContentBrowserTab1.VerticalSplitter.SlotSize0 = 0.250000
ContentBrowserTab1.VerticalSplitter.SlotSize1 = 0.750000
ContentBrowserTab1.FavoriteSplitter.SlotSize0 = 0.200000
ContentBrowserTab1.FavoriteSplitter.SlotSize1 = 0.800000
ContentBrowserTab1.FavoriteSplitter.SlotSize2 = 0.400000

ContentBrowserTab1.ViewMode = 0
ContentBrowserTab1.ThumbnailSizeScale = 0.180000
ContentBrowserTab1.CurrentViewType = 0
AssetPropertyPicker.ThumbnailSizeScale = 0.100000
AssetPropertyPicker.CurrentViewType = 0
AssetDialog.ThumbnailSizeScale = 0.100000
AssetDialog.CurrentViewType = 1`


MouseSensitivty = .1f

the content browser starts to open correctly, the camera in the viewport starts moving, but the material editor windows, blueprint editor windows, mesh editor windows open empty. It’s not class defaults → Open Full Blueprint Editor. After a few openings/closings of the editor, everything breaks down again. Tried completely uninstalling UE4 and reinstalling it did not help. I upgraded to UE4.27 due to this issue, didn’t help. Used version 4.23.1. Any ideas on what might have happened? Where are the editors settings?

This window opens when I click “Open Full Blueprint Editor” in the “Class Defaults” window

That’s strange behavior. Did the problem randomly occur, or did it happen after you changed some settings in the EditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini file? Could it be a graphics card driver issue?