Every Version of UE4 Crashes On Startup After Upgrading to Mac OS X High Sierra

No matter what version of UE4 I try to open, It crashes before the splash screen can even come up. I believe this is because I upgraded my mac to OS X High Sierra. In that case, I guess my question would be, when will Mac OS X High Sierra me supported. Because right now, I can’t use Unreal Engine at all.

same issue here

Running now, but no Metal support unless you backtrack to Xcode 8.3… what will THIS break?

Are you saying it worked after you backtracked Xcode?

I didn’t have problems starting up, but I’m on Xcode 9 and it won’t support Metal. Have not gone back to 8.3.3… seeing if I can have both installed at the same time.

How can we go back to the xcode 9.3.3 ? it always downloading the last version in the app store

neverminde i foud a way Sign In - Apple

Same issue here! Once I “upgraded” to 10.13 High Sierra UE4 crashes on launch! The world of 3D/CG and Apple are becoming more diametrically opposed to one another by the day! Screw Apple! I can’t wait for the day I see in the news, “Apple files bankruptcy due to loyal customers boycotting for being screwed over for the last time!” My question for UE4 is when, if ever, are they going to offer support for OS-X 10.13 High Sierra???


I just wanted to check and see if this is something that is still being experienced. We have not run into any consistent crash on launch issues with MacOS 10.13. In case this is something that you are still experiencing, we have a new method for reporting bugs. Please visit our Report a Bug page and fill out the form with as much information as you can gather about the issue you are experiencing. We will take a closer look at the information that you provide, and follow up with you if we have any questions or need any additional information.

Unreal 4.5.1 runs on High Sierra.