Every Unreal Engine based Games Crashes my PC

so i recentlly bought Outriders with my friends and never could played it because when the first few seconds of the Start up intro starts, it crashes my pc. I already was in the Support of Outriders and they couldn’t figure it out.

Now i tried to play games like “The Isle” (Unreal engine Game) “The Bus” (Unreal Engine game) etc. and everytime it crashes my PC, so i figured it must be because of the Unreal Engine maybe.

I freshly installed Windows to see if that was the Problem, but it still crashes. I Already did a Stress Test “Heaven Benchmark” to see if its a Power Supply Issue, but it isn’t. Really could need some help.

Pc Spec:
Mainboard: MSI b550 Tomahawk
GPU: Radeon RX Vega 56
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x
Power Supply: be quiet! 550W Straight Power