Every time i wanna build my code it takes tons of time .

Now i realize i need to test it all with blueprint before i write the actual code, but what if i make a mistake in writing the code ? do i have to fix it and wait agian this enormous amount of time ?

Just make sure you have the UnrealVS addon installed and visible in your toolbar. Then in the UnrealVS toolbar, make sure to select your own project intead of UE4. From now on you should only compile your project and not the whole engine anymore. That should speed up the process a lot.

Also, make sure to always compile the same compile configuration (e.g. stick to Development Editor) and don’t switch around if its not needed.

Thanks, but it still takes several minutes though :expressionless:

Well, then get your base classes done and extend them via Blueprints for prototyping. Thats still faster than the fastest compile time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried it again, only wrote comment and it took about a second, i guess it depends how high the class you are editing in the hierarchy, so if i extend my own classes it should be a lot faster right ? I didn’t wrote anything yet, I’m just trying to figure which way is best for me, personally i would refer to do it all in code because i want to learn c++ better .

The first time you compile your game module it can take a little while because it has to generate a ‘pre compiled header’ but after that it should be fairly fast. There is a known issues that our build tool takes around 10 seconds just to start up, and this is something we are looking at improving right now.

Thanks. Good to know.

Glad it’s a known issue. I was about to ask exactly that question.

Also make sure to only compile your game module instead of the engine module if you do not have any new engine changes.

Good news, because launching compile in the editor is quite long, I hope you will correct it soon =), by the way I suppose that this part of code is in the GIT depot ?

And if it is, that mean that we can try to fix it right ?

One thing you can do is right click ck on your project you can see project only.Click on it and you can click build project only.It will help you