Every plugin installation has problem

In the last week I try a lot to integrate some plugins to my mobile game and every time I try that plugins crashes.
I have been check in the Hub and nothing mach my specific problem another crash that I have is when I open new project in C++ it seems like this is the problem (Visual Studio) but I used some tutorials that says to download full versions of Visual Studio 2013 and 2015 desktop edition but its doesn’t work (I try community also…) I think Visual Studio is my solution but what am I supposed to do.

C++ Variation
Blueprint Variation (when try to build C++ class)

I put my downloaded plugin and it ask me to rebuild but after that nothing work and he say
“Try rebuilding from source manually”

I try to build manually and its was successfully compiled but when I try to restart my project and check the message “Try rebuilding from source manually” shown again.

And if I try to the “Rebuild” in Visual Studio I got this one

help me please find the answer.

Hey -

I noticed the RC1015 error when you created a new project. This most likely means that your need to make sure your Windows SDK is installed. You can find more information at the following link including a link to download the SDK:


Thanks I will check it !