Every Minute Blueprint should play a Sound

how can i do this with Blueprint:

  • Every minute he should play the same sound?

Thanks in Advance!

Event Tick node + Delay node

There is another way.

You can use the “Set Timer” function and an Custom Event.

First create a Custom Event that plays the sound you want.

Call the “Set Timer” function in the Begin Play event passing as parameters:

“Function Name”: the name of your custom event.
“Time”: 60 (seconds)
“Looping”: true

Hello Marcos,
thank you, but i have not understand it correctly.

You mean:

  • “Custom Event” with the Name PlaySirene
  • to a “Set Timer” function with the Function Name: PlaySirene and Time:60 and Looping: Yes
  • to a “Play Sound Attached” with connecting to my “Sirene-Audio-File”?

Thanks in Advance!

This is what I wanted to say: :slight_smile:


You set up a timer that will call your “PlaySirene” event every minute.

Hello Marcos,
thank you very much - now it’s working perfectly!

After this i will do something like this with Blueprint’s:

  • Every 60 seconds should open a door and after another 60 seconds the door should close. I have a FBX-Model with a Left Door and a Right Door.
    The Left Door should only move a half meter to left and the right door should move a half meter to right.

Did you perhaps now, how i can do that with Blueprint’s?

Thank you in Advance!

There is a tutorial about Automated Door in blueprints at:

Assuming you have a Timeline that controls the animation of the door opening and closing, you can use the script below :


The FlipFlop node will alternate the execution, so every 60 seconds the door open and after another 60 seconds the door close and so on.

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Hello Marcos,
how can i import a Static mesh with Animations?
Kind regards,

Hello Marcos,
i have now the animation in the mesh inside. I can see my animation inside UE4.
But how can i start my animation in the Game now?
Kind regards,

The “Play Anim Montage” node should work fine for that.

And where can i find this “Play Anim Montage” Node?

Please help me.

Thanks in Advance,

Right click anywhere in your blueprint and write “Play Anim Montage” and you should be able to select it from the menu. If you can’t see it for some reason, unflag the “context sensitive” box in the context menu.