Every material made should be in every project

so what I was thinking they could add is every material made should be added to current made projects and every new project unless deleted so it would save time for people like me who have multiple projects for everything and not having to copy and paste every time it would be very cool for this to be added thanks :slight_smile:

You can store the assets you want to share between projects in the Engine folder. In Content Browser right bottom corner > View Options > Show Engine Content.

ill try if it works because i had to copy and paste 100+ materials earlier lol this just saved me alot of time in the future.

doesnt work at all for some reason

Hi Nexus,

What isn’t working? Are the materials just not showing up once you copied them over?

Hi Nexus-Owner,

The file path to copy the assets to for them to be in every project when using the “include Starter Content” option is:

X: / Program Files / Unreal Engine / (engine version: in this case 4.3) / Samples / Starter Content / Content / (whatever sub-folder you want it to be)

Placing any contents you want to be included with any newly created project should be stored here. Be aware that with each new version number (ie. 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc), but not the ones like 4.1.2, you’ll need to copy this over. There isn’t a folder that is for every engine version that ever comes along but this will get you a head start.

If you have any questions feel free to let me know! :slight_smile:


how do i get evreything from here

Like how do i do the text stuff and how do i do the fire and water thing where it floats around it and how do i make it like 3d to spin around please help

We have already answered you in the forums:

As Madison also said, you need to check out the tutorials in that Unreal Engine Youtube channel to familiarize yourself with the editor.

i’ve watched every tut doesnt tell me how to get text or the fire and water one

Those are done with materials. The water using a panner or rotator node to move the texture material along. The fire is using tessellation and world displacement in the material attributes to get that effect.

The GDC 2014 level is being discussed and being cleaned up for eventual release onto the Marketplace for users to download.

Thank you!


Ok that sounds great thanks for replying

i put my own assets in the developer folder. Its shared between all my projects.