Every Job Offer Ever (CLICK ME FOR A LAUGH)

Every Job Offer That Isn’t A Legit Studio

I am new to game design (1 week) and I have such a creative idea that has never been done before! It’s a medieval rpg fantasy. I’ll do the idea/story/design.
You would be doing everything else, especially all of the hard stuff. So far it’s just me. The goal is to sell it on Steam, it’s going to be a really good game. I am 16.
Also adding in the stupidest possible idea you could think of as part of the core gameplay mechanics.

Here is a screenshot of hardly anything made up of some paid content that everyone has seen with nice lighting. Also notice how my design skills are actually terrible.

Did I forget to mention the enthusiasm of my creative idea that came from my mind?

I’ll say “we” from now on to suggest that I am an indie studio made up of a lot of people.

On second thought, we are going to make a low poly game because we just realized how hard it is to make a full throttle rpg with textures.

Royalty: This position is royalty when we make a lot of money, we will give you 1% for doing 80% of the work.


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                  - Jake

:slight_smile: Funny one :slight_smile:

Been listening to it for 20+ years. Nailed it.


You forgot the ‘MMO’ part.

I’m sure a mod will take this post down once they see it, but I got my laugh in before then :slight_smile:

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PS: I had a good laugh though

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Ive seen… waaaay… waaaaay worse.

Oh my… Will have both laughs and nightmares over what I have just seen.

One good thing about some other forums is that they are ‘done’ with these kinds of topics and newbies pretty much give up posting these fake job proposals.
Here all this is still very openly abused tho

“pey 5$ per month” LMAO

absolutely amazing

I see one of my posts there, the “What?” :smiley:

I remember seeing that site a year or so ago, time to have another look :slight_smile:

ahaha, this is great!

That Tumblr is amazing.


When I first started modding back on what’s now Goldsource there were kids posting their MMO ideas that were going to be realised using modified Half Life 1if someone would just code it for them…

At least 1 a month.

I liked it… actually games like that got released :stuck_out_tongue: