Every game with unreal freeze images but keep running

Hello, i apologize if this is not the correct section for this question.

Every game that i play that use unreal as an engine freeze after a couple of second since start, even in main menu. The process itself keep running, the game don’t crash , i can click on options in menu, audio keep running but the image is freezed. I noticed that if i alt-tab the game the image refresh but as soon as i re-enter the game it freeze again. This happens with every game that use unreal engine. I use windows 7 64, gpu= amd radeon 270Rx (drivers not updated. i just missed the latest release) // cpu=amd fx 8320 eight core.

If this may help, i had the same problem with State of Decay 2. I resolved for that game installing something in the unreal engine folder in the game ( sorry if this is not clear, can’t quite remember what it was). Since sometimes i like to play games that people create using this engine, this option is not always available.