Every asset on Marketplace marked as incompatible after latest Launcher update

Hello. After latest update every single asset on Marketplace is incompatible. I had this problem with 4.14.0 and thought this was the case so I’ve upgraded to 4.14.1 to get rid of this tag, however it remained.
Restarting after update did not help either. Other people having this issue too.

Or probably the samples have an auto number for the last version but aren’t updated to it mmmm

Well, I said in my post that every asset on Marketplace is incompatible
Sample is just as an example, this situation is true for any other product there

I had this notice briefly in one instance, but this notification updated after switching to the Lib view, and updating that particular package, and did not affect other content.

I am noticing this issue aswell. All assets are wrongly marked to be incompatible.

I’ve also seen this problem, This error could cause quite a few problems for sellers and buyers as this is giving false information.
Might be worth seeing if @Smarkoff knows anything.

Hey ZeOrb,

Thanks for pointing this out, this is a known issue and it does appear to only be cosmetic. This is being worked on but in the meantime everything should work with the supported engine versions listed on the items themselves. When we do have a fix for this Adam or I will post here and let you guys know. If anything else pops up with this or if you need anything else please let me know.



Hi Steph!

I would like to bump community interest in this issue if it’s possible!
To be honest, I found this bug due to conflict in my third party data(, youtube and new users at website) and sales - viewcount and interaction was either average or high on my videos, site and demos, yet it yielded 0 sales and I’ve started looking for issues on the Marketplace page/launcher. I believe big percentage of userbase will just leave a product page and won’t buy due to big red circle saying that product is unusable

IMHO it’s really important to fix before winterday sale hit us

I agree with zeOrb, customers who see this may not understand that its a cosmetic issue. Good to see that you guys are aware of the problem though. =)

Hey ZeOrb,

Absolutely agree. We did make sure that the deadline for the sale was included here and set the priority high to have this fixed before the sale. We’ll make sure you guys know when we can expect a fix for this. If there’s anything else the pops up before the sale please do let us know so we can be sure to take action on these immediately.



All fixed! Let us know if you guys need anything else :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick fix! =)

Yeep, working great! :slight_smile:
Thank you!