Every application connected to UE4 crashes for me

Good evening,
i have had the following problem for about two weeks now, seemingly unreleated to anything else. Everytime I start something related to Unreal Engine 4 it crashes. Fortnite, Unreal Tournament or even Unreal Engine v 4.18 itself all show the typical Unreal Engine 4 crash reporter.

( Gyazo of the crash reporter: Screenshot - d95653da3ed0b4713903fe78f2d5a0f1 - Gyazo)

I tried reinstalling and verifying everything through the Epic Games Launcher already, but it didn’t work out sadly and I sadly do not posses enough technical knowledge to find the source of the problem myself, so you there, sitting in front of the screen, I would like to ask for you help.

Thank you all very much in advance