Every 2nd index gets skipped


I am trying to get my on clicked functions for my buttons to get the right index from an array and get its corresponding element from that array. But I seem to get a blank/zero input for every second index for the indices of both my array variables. I have a string array variable and an integer array variable. If the user enters:

pig 80, ant 20, wolf 240, bird 35, lizard 65

I have Button 1 to read index 0, which is pig 80, and it does so as intended.
But I have Button 3, for example, to read index 2, which should be wolf 240. But instead I get ant 20, which should be in index 1 linked to Button 2.
And I end up getting wolf 240 in Button 5 instead of Button 3.
And Buttons 2 and 4 end up blank/0.

So I am guessing that after the first input, each time the user enters each input, a blank/0 gets entered into the array before the committed text does. But I am not sure why. Please look below.

I am not sure if this problem has anything to do with the me binding editable text as follows;

I did this because I want the editable text box to get wiped when the text is committed. If I don’t bind the editable text box to anything, then the entry in the editable text box remains and each time the user adds another entry he/she has to delete the previous entry first.

Or perhaps is there something wrong with my On Text Committed scripting? (below);

Put a switch on your commit event to only add entry when you press enter, this should eliminate any extra entry happen. Guess that happen when you enter entry and clear the text.


I just realised that the blank/0 entry happens only when the user presses the Enter key after each entry. If the user just clicks outside the editable text box after each entry, the entries get added into the arrays correctly/as I intend them to. So I think it’s something to do with my On Text committed scripting.

That works. Thank you!