Evermotion releases two collections for Unreal Engine

I hope that you will not find it as a spam, but truly, this is the best place I can think of to post this kind of stuff - Evermotion - company behind thousands of 3d models / scenes and arch-viz tutorials is announcing today the release of two collections made for arch-viz artists working in Unreal Engine 4. Archinteriors for UE vol. 1 - Home and Office - (5 scenes) and Archmodels for UE vol. 1 - over 100 modular furniture models. More info here: Archinteriors and Archmodels for Unreal Engine! -


I have approved the thread as I feel it falls in line with the threads that Steve from Arteria 3D posts. 8-}

Well, now even Evermotion recognized arch. vis potential of UE4 - future is bright!

They could have worked a little bit more on the lighting for some of those scenes… The exteriors mainly. But well, I’m glad they are officially seeing UE4 as a promising archviz platform. I bet they will start to convert all their recent assets to UE4 with proper unwrap and materials! :D.

Qulaity of the files are not upto the marks. The could have been more realistic.

Yep, they’ve probably rushed it…

Nice initiative but the models doesn’t look all that great. Can’t wait to see more.

My thoughts exactly! We’ll see how the quality improves in future releases…

Can’t wait to see those scenes because some of them has already been converted for ue4 by the community. We’ll see if Evermotion can do a better job with their own assets hehe!

So just to make sure, every single asset in those scenes can be migrated in your own project(s), right? The couch package is nice but not really superb. I could however use some of the assets in those scenes and build myself a library.

Exact… They even made a video explaining how to migrate stuff. It will include materials of course!

and the beautiful thing is that they choose exactly the same scene that i used it for my experiment!

Would be nice to hear your comparison!:smiley:

I prefer your version. Its mood is clearly closer to the original one (Vray).

And another one same as mine here Archinterior conversion (Evermotion) + VXGI tests - Architectural and Design Visualization - Unreal Engine Forums :smiley:
I’ve noticed they didn’t replicate their Vray version exactly how it is in this case too. They changed some assets and materials. Their overall lighting is darker too.

That’s why I told one of Evermotion’s dev (on cgarchitect’s forums), that I think it’s almost better to take their standard vray stuff and convert it ourselves rather than buy sub-quality assets. Sure it’s faster but it has a ‘‘game’’ feel to their scenes (on the screenshots at least). I also think both your conversions are of a better quality. Rabellogp your materials are much better and Dehghani added superb weather effects in his scene. We’ll have to see when the package is available!!!