Evermotion announces new Unreal scenes (and releases free arch-viz tips videos)

We made new Unreal interiors and free quick video tips. we think that this second step into Unreal territory is much better than the first. Get a look: :slight_smile:

Archinteriors for UE vol. 2:

More info here:

Seven tips to improve Unreal Visualizations:




More images:

Now we are talking! Huge progress compared to the first version…

ps: Is there any kind of interactivity on those projects? If not, any chance of getting that kind of stuff on future releases?

Thanks! There are blueprints for doors and IES lights interaction :slight_smile: Foliage is animated and controllable too.

Very nice! Just one question… Have you guys tweaked the lightmass.ini? Those are really great results for the default values…

Probably the answer lays here: :slight_smile:

I hope you have plans to release real nice furniture pieces that can be bought as separate items, a good place to start would be classic pieces from Knoll, B&B, Steelcase etc. I have a hard time justifying buying a group of pieces that I don’t need just for a sofa or chair I like.

RI3DVIZ - the problem with signature pieces is that they require signing agreement with copyright owners. It’s not always easy, often impossible. But we consider releasing also models collections.

I understand. Please make individual pieces available, I refuse to buy a collection of unusable pieces for one chair or sofa.

The rain drops on the windows is very nice!

Have you tried 3ds max with steamroller to finally unwrap your individual pieces RI3DVIZ?

Is there an equivalent in Maya? I’m about to evaluate Unwrella but steamroller looks like doing a very good job…unfortunately is Max only :confused:

Unwrella is probably more advanced. Steamroller is just an automated way of flattening everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Not yet. I’ll have to get the demo which is only 30 days so I want to make sure I have time to sit down and unwrap for a week straight. :smiley: Oh the joy!

I’ve tried Unwrella and I got some trouble trying to unwrap Evermotion’s models… It just crashes or freezes on almost every high poly model. I think the problem is that those Evermotion’s models are always a group of many individual meshes. To generate mapping I need to attach everything together and the mesh generated on the process is not good for Unwrealla (maybe too many overlapping and intersecting triangles). After trying a bunch of models I just gave up on that.

Let me know if you get nice results…

I thought the Unreal content from Evermotion was already unwrapped and lightmapped? If it’s not what’s the point?

He’s probably talking about regular Evermotion’s meshes. And Rabellogp, you don’t need to group every parts together and have only 1 lightmap. Just make a lightmap for each part separately. Steamroller can generate a lightmap for each part at once, instantly. Works better imo.

I’m having success with flatten mapping for quite complex meshes. Like chair One models, beolab speakers, sofas, vases, even a ful car made of 100+ pieces unwrapped individually!!! Are you on Maya too Rabellogp?

I’m wondering if you unwrap geometry in Max/Maya with channel 2 for Lightmass, is there any way to automate Light Map Coordinate Index to look for channel 2 not for 1 as default… That because all regular mapping is done for channel 1 in Max/Maya.

In general what’s the workflow with this, moving all mapping to channel 2 and unwrap it in channel 1 is not so great and fast option…

BTW Scenes are looking really great, have pre-ordered pack…

You can change the lightmap index to any channel (0 to 7 iirc) in unreal but you may have to do it manually for each meshes.

So there are no workaround for that manual setting Coordinate index? If you have a lot of geometry, you will have to do it all by hand?

Yeah, like heartlessphil said, I’m talking about the regular Evermotion’s models. Those new ones intended to UE4 are already mapped, but they are few. I have tons of Evermotions regular 3DS models here, and I’m always looking for the best way to migrate them to UE4…

Flatten mapping does an ok job for most of the models. But it’s not perfect… I’d like some more control over it. Like adjusting the mapping islands edges to the model’s edges… Unwrella makes this possible, but it just won’t work on most of Evermotion’s models… I could use it on every model’s individual part, but then I need to keep them separated forever, since attaching them after the mapping process will mess up with the non-overlapped mapping… I’m on 3DS, not Maya… Maybe Unwrella works better on Maya? I’m not sure…